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Ad Sizes, Rates, and Pricing
Ads will run through the remainder of current year, and those who have ads with in by the next year/season, will have first refusal to retain those spots for the 2015 season.
Exclusive District Sponsor: $250.00
Appears above the Directory in the District of your choice
(subject to availability)
Banner Size: 234 W x 60 H (pixels)

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Exclusive Site Sponsor: $2500.00
Appears in header next to Doe Tag Swap site logo
Banner Size: 468 W x 60 H (pixels)

(example of a 468x60 banner)
Here at we offer some very unique opportunities for outdoor related businesses. Since our visitors are viewing specific districts, the very district they will be hunting in, you have an audience of outdoor people who you already know will be in your area during the hunting season. Since it is so data specific you have the potential to grab the attention of people you already know several things about; they hunt and they hunt in your area. If you are a guide, outfitter, gun shop, retailer or motel, you will be reaching the people who have an interest and most likely a necessity for your goods or services. At the current time we are accepting "District Sponsor" banner advertisers for each district on a first come, first serve basis. This will provide you with an exclusive ad to your own district. We will only accept one "District Sponsor" in each of the following categories: Outfitter, Guide, Sporting Goods Store, Taxidermist and Lodging. Other categories may be added by suggestion but only one "District Sponsor" will be accepted for each district. If you have a more general business to promote and wish to reach everyone who visits the site regardless of their specific hunting district we will offer a very exclusive opportunity to become a "Site Sponsor" Banner Advertiser. Just like the district sponsors there will only be one sponsor available for each category but the "Site Sponsor" ads will be seen on every page at
These sponsorships are only available for a limited time as the permit swap system through DIF&W ends on October 31st but we have several plans to keep the site alive and kicking well after the tag-swap opportunities are over. We are currently looking into active Big Buck and Big Doe contests, with district and overall winners, Photo and Video upload capabilities with featured content pages, Trail Cam Photo pages, and much, mush more. If you purchase a sponsorship, regardless of size or category it will remain throughout the 2009 season. We have plans starting in 2009 that include major expansions in several areas of outdoor recreation.
If you want to reach real Maine Outdoor People, is the place to find them. Contact us for sponsorship programs soon. We intend to remember and reward those who assisted during this initial launch.
The team
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